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The origin of our products is becoming increasingly important to nowadays society. Its customers ask for more transparency with regards to what they buy. Until recently the jewelry industry has not responded to this demand. Acknowledging the long and interesting road a rough stone travels to become a sparkling gemstone and a beautiful jewel, Roderick Wolf describes the complete history of the jewel in a book. The new owner has not only bought himself a brilliant jewel but also is educated with the unique and honest story.

A Cut Above

From rough stone to sparkling gorgeous product: polishing a gemstone to perfection requires real artistry and craftsmanship. Our quality standards guarantee that each gemstone has been symmetrically polished with the right proportions so the gem can expose his finest and true color.

Transparant & Traceable

We know the exact location of each gemstone’s site. The people that are involved in finding, cutting and faceting the gemstone are personally introduced and they become more alive by doing so. This is Roderick Wolfs way to meet the demand of the customer for a greater transparency and ethical conduct.


Are the gems that are being offered authentic? To be certain the assessment is crucial and therefore neutrality and independence are essential. This is why every gemstone of the Tales of Gems label is certified by an independent internationally recognized precious stones laboratory. Precious stones that do not require a certificate, are delivered with a guarantee certificate. This way we can guarantee the authenticity of the gemstone and jewel.


Only gemstones that have a certain quality and are rare do qualify for the label of Tales of Gems. Gemstones that are hard to find and whose value is determined by the market are the ones which can measure up. Nevertheless does each of our gemstones hold its value extremely well and can be considered as an alternative form of investment.