Gemological Reports

For gemstone reports we mainly use the following two gemological institutes:

 The report of choice for ruby, sapphire and spinel.

Lotus Gemology begins with a simple idea – beauty is the principal source of attraction for precious stones. Thus it should also be the major focus of gemology. In other words, the GEM is the most important part of gemology.It is our belief that gemology is not simply about counting atoms; to apply science absent a discussion of how it relates to aesthetics and desire does a disservice not just to clients, but to the jewels themselves. We do not believe that attraction can be reduced to a simple set of measurements, anymore than the beauty of a rainbow or sunset can be expressed by mathematical formula.

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 The report of choice for Emeralds and other colored stones

The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences was founded in 1978 as South East Asia’s first international gemological education facility. The school was founded in order to provide professional training for those who were looking to expand their opportunities within the gem and jewelry industry, as well as increase the general public’s knowledge and appreciation of gemstones. Today, AIGS has become a world recognized international gemological school, where many students from all over the world come together to learn and forge relationships that will last throughout their careers.

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