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‘Brightly colored Sri Lankan gem tourmalines were brought to Europe in great quantities by the Dutch East India Company to satisfy a demand for curiosities and gems. It was an obvious choice to specialise in this gemstone’.

Since I was nine years old I already started to prospect for gems and minerals in the gem capital of Europe Idar-Oberstein. That fire soon became a passion and the fire kept burning. In January 2016 I started the Graduate Gemologist course at GIA Carlsbad. Now I am a Graduate Gemologist and traveling the world to look for exclusive rare gemstones. I know that each gem is telling an incredibly unique story. I consider it to be my mission to write down the story of the rough stone: from the moment it comes out of the ground to when it has become a beautiful precious stone.

By revealing the stories of the people who are risking their lives to mine the stones, I try to give insight into their courage. By telling how much craftsmanship it took to facet the gem I hope that customers will appreciate these precious stones more than ever before.

Cutting a gemstone from rough to perfection. My high cutting standards will ensure that gemstones reveal their true beauty. From the first facet to the last polish: each stone has to be perfect.When I first started my education I was immediately inspired by the traditional and old polishing techniques. By applying this in my jewelry making process and also describing the journey of the gemstone from the source, I try to distinguish myself from other brands.

My gemstones stimulate entrepreneurship in developing countries. Gemstones are more than business only. It is a passion that can be shared with people all over the world. We get to connect with cultures and create forever lasting friendships. Since my company is buying rough gems from the source I get to know all the people who are involved in the manufacturing process. This is the reason that I can guarantee that all of the people are treated fairly and are earning a good salary.

Roderick Wolf