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Tales of Gemstones

‘Each gemstone tells its own unique story’

Our Vision

The origin of our products is becoming increasingly important to nowadays society. Its customers ask for more transparency with regards to what they buy. Until recently the jewelry industry has not responded to this demand. Acknowledging the long and interesting road a rough stone travels to become a sparkling gemstone and a beautiful jewel, Roderick Wolf describes the complete history of the jewel in a book. The new owner has not only bought himself a brilliant jewel but also is educated with the unique and honest story.



Only gemstones that have a certain quality and are rare do qualify for the label of Tales of Gems. Gemstones that are hard to find and whose value is determined by the market are the ones which can measure up. Nevertheless does each of our gemstones hold its value extremely well and can be considered as an alternative form of investment.


Our storytelling gemstones are divided into three categories:


‘Brightly colored Sri Lankan gem tourmalines were brought to Europe in great quantities by the Dutch East India Company to satisfy a demand for curiosities and gems. It was an obvious choice to specialise in this gemstone’.